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Yukihime: I really enjoy writing and wrote many blogs on different games before. I decided to create one on SAO MD because there is a lot I want to share with the community and simply because I enjoy it. I have been playing SAO MD Global and Japan version for approx 3 months now and I still enjoy the game. This was suppose to be a personal blog, however I thought it will be great to let other SAOMD players share their experiences here too.


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This blog is mainly about a mobile game called “Sword Art Online: Memory Defrag” by BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc. The game is based off of the anime series “Sword Art Online”. This game comes in 2 verisons: Japan and Global which can be found in the app store or google play store.

Throughout this site, we will be discussing and posting content on current events, scouts, guides and my personal experience and gameplay of Sword Art Online: Memory Defrag.

We do not own any images and videos of in-game gameplay, they belong to BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc., the creator and owner of Sword Art Online: Memory Degrag.