[Preview] Story Unlock Event: The Tale of Two Stars


Details: This story unlock features 12 story chapters, farmable dark accessory and armor, all quests are in multiplayer mode. Skill slot material can be farmed and earned by completing quests in this event. Summer Tickets are also added into the rewards of this event. During specific dates and times, the Master +1 level will be unlocked for only 1 hour. By completing the Master +1 mode, you will be able to get ‘VIP Summer Ticket’.

Master +1 Dates & Times:

June 29 // 03:00 - 03:59 UTC

July 2 // 11:00 - 11:59 UTC

July 5 // 11:00 - 11:59 UTC

July 8 // 11:00 - 11:59 UTC

July 13 // 03:00 - 03:59 UTC

— Summer Tickets are used for the Summer Scout in the current ranking event.

Having a [Promised Night of The Stars] character in your team will double the amount of event points you get from the quest and it will also increase the amount of items you get.

Enemy Boss:


R4 equipment stats @max:

Notable rewards when completed all event content:

Note: You earn more rewards when completed the missions in ‘mission list’.


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