Campaign: Gorgeous Summer


During this celebration period, there will be the ‘Guerilla Login Bonus’, ‘Daily Quest available everyday’, ‘Special quest Unlock’, ‘Extra Diamond CP’, and ‘Double EXP at limited quests’.


New Event Rewards & King of Summer:

View this post for more information!

Guerilla Login Bonus:

You will be able to get 25 MD on 4 RANDOM days, totalling 100 MD. So be sure to login everyday of this event to get your free MD.

Special Quest Unlock:

Summer scouts will depend on the number of special quests. There will be a total of 5 special quests each with 6 difficulties. Each difficulty offers 10 MD once the missions and bonus missions are completed. This is the chance to earn up to 300 MD

Extra Diamonds CP:

There will be a special memory diamond sale in the shop. Each pack increases the amount of extra MD with the same regular price. Each sale is only available to the player 2 times.

Daily Quests available everyday:

All daily quests, except ‘Coin of Radius’ will be available 24/7 until the campaign ends. Use the opportunity to get whatever elemental crystals you need!

Double EXP at limited quests:

The double EXP campaign applies to ‘Ragout Rabbit’. During this campaign, you will be able to get double the amount of EXP you get when completing the quests of ‘Ragout Rabbit’. However, the amount of EXP potions you get will NOT be doubled.





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