Ranking Event: The Sacred Treasure In The Sea


Details: This ranking event consists of two separate battles. Once you use a character in the first part, you will can not use it in the second, so choose wisely.

This ranking event is similar to the previous ranking event ‘Pop Star Online’ where you earn ‘Summer VIP Tickets’ and scout for a limited character. The limited character in this event will be [Tropical dB] Yuna.

The character [Tropical dB] Yuna is invincible during her SS3 (iframes) and she has 3 departures in the next floor clearing event.

There are also event point rewards obtainable in this ranking event where you can get ‘Summer Ticket, ‘Summer Ticket Plus’, and ‘Summer Ticket VIP’.

You can use these tickets and scout for a limited sword called ‘Exchange Sword’. These ‘Exchange Swords’ can be traded in for other equipments.

The title ‘King of Summer‘ is given to those who placed 1st in all the ranking events held in July.

Note: There will be a bonus ranking event after this ranking event where the ranking brackets have up to 1000 players. When that time comes, another post will be made regarding to that ranking event.

Enemy Boss:


Notable rewards for completing all event content:

  • 90 total MD
  • 250 Summer Tickets
  • 50 Summer Ticket Plus

Note: You earn more rewards when completed the missions in ‘mission list’


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