Ranking Event: Most Dangerous Pair in SAO [Sword Dance Festival]


Details: This is considered a “mini” ranking event. In this ranking event, you will encounter 2 bosses in the same battle, both from the anime SAO. These two would be Heathcliff and Kuradeel, in dark element forms. There are only two restrictions in this ranking event. 1. You must only have 2 characters in your team. 2. Those 2 characters must be either free characters from those events or SD characters from SD scout.

Light characters deal less bonus damage then they should in this ranking event while SD characters deal more damage.


Platinum SD medal scout Sachi is now in the scout shop.

Enemy Boss:


Notable rewards for completing all event content:

  • 50 total MD
  • 10 SD Bronze
  • 1 SD Gold
  • 10 SD Silver
  • 1 SD Platinum
  • 1 SD Medallion

Note: You earn more rewards when completed the missions in ‘mission list’


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