Floor Clearing Event Explanation & Quick Tips!


As you may know, a floor clearing event is coming soon.

When completed certain floor of the event, you will be able to earn amazing prizes such as MD, exchangeable medium to craft 5* equipment, special titles that provide you with bonus stats etc.

Aincrad is where the floor clearing event will be held. There are a total of 100 floors that will be separated into areas by transport gates. Those areas will broken down to 9~10 break points. Read below for a better understanding.

During floor clearing events, you can only use a character TWICE every 20 floors (If there is a banner that goes with the event then those characters can go 3 times)

If a character dies in battle, then they die and you won’t be able to use them for the event unless you reach a transport gate or restart from the beginning of that area (Areas are: 1-20, 21-40, 41-60, 61-80, 81-100)

You will NOT be able to change a character’s equipment if they departed in even 1 battle.

There are is NO RETRY, either you give up or start from the last teleport gate.

Note: If you give up, your character will not die, but it will count towards as 1 departure.

This is not a F2P friendly event IMO (unless your one of those who have extremely good luck). This event require variety of 4* characters well equipped to reach floor 100 smoothly. For a F2P, this event is not impossible but extremely difficult.

There is an info button near the bottom right of your screen which allows you to look at the the advantage element, level, and weakness type.

Click here to view elemental weaknesses!

Weapon Weakness Chart:


Weapon Type:

Enemy Mobs:


Mace & Gun

Skeleton & Elemental (Spelling?)


Sword & Dual Sword

Slime, Mantis, (Bigpolkadot plant / forgot name)


Dagger & Rapier & Bow





Personal Suggestions:

  • Use those 3* healers: Level them up, get an accessory and a rod for them. They are extremely useful when your main character does not have self heal. After 1 stage just heal and continue.
  • Free characters: Cannot tell you how useful they are especially fighting against their weapon advantage type. They can solo mob stages when accompanied by a healer.
  • What ever you do, don’t let those lizards paralyze you: (In coming rage) DODGE IT, JUMP IT, RUN FROM IT, JUST DON’T GET PARALYZED! THAT SHT IS LONGER THAN A STUN. You can’t move for like >5 seconds and the stupid lizards just attack you, which stuns you again and again until you die and throw your phone out the window because you were are floor 92
  • Slime stages: Annoying as ever, whenever they jump just parry and you will survive them
  • Save your best character till the last: Usually midway between the area and the last stage of the area there are where the highly toxic bosses are which delete you in 1 shot if you are using free characters or 3* characters
  • For hard bosses, use characters that they are weak to, you take less damage and deal more damage
  • I found it better to dodge attacks: Don’t even try to parry on some bosses (Doll boss) just too many unpariables.


Best of luck to those who will be challenging the upcoming floor clearing events ~



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